Licensed, Insured, Bonded Locksmith in Raleigh

What to look for in a locksmith
The locksmithing trade is regulated by the State of North Carolina and to legally practice as a locksmith in NC, one must have a license.  This license assures you the technician's criminal record has been examined by the state.  His fingerprints are recorded and he subscribes to honor a code of ethics.  While a locksmith without a license may be a fine member of the trade, one with a license assures you he has been examined by the state. 

My license # is: 0047


A locksmith who carries liability insurance assures the consumer that any accidents will be covered by a third party.  Advantage carries a policy for $1,000,000, and is bonded through the locksmith ledger.  Again, peace of mind for you, the consumer.

Unlike large companies, my business is personal.  I am a graduate of N.C. State University and have owned my own business for 13 years.  I have no employees, so calling Advantage means the owner will be working for you.  My main concern is creating repeat business, so know that when I'm working for you MY reputation is at stake.  As someone who you will be trusting to secure your property, take comfort in knowing all work is done to exacting standards - mine!

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