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The Better Resetter

(Patent Pending)

Quite simply the best and only tool capable of resetting BOTH Schlage and Kwikset user resettable locks!


  • The Better Resetter is a new tool designed to reset the Schlage Securekey™ and Kwikset Smartkey™ cylinders when you do not have a working key available.

  • The Better Resetter consists of two combs; one on each end of the tool.  These combs are used to depress the wafers inside the cylinder to a precise depth, allowing the cylinder to be rotated to the reset position.


These locks require that the user have a working key in order to reset the lock. A scenario involving no working keys to the lock will greatly increase the time and frustration involved with resetting these locks. Also, with the popularity of these locks increasing, and Home Depot and Lowes both selling Smartkey and Securekey formats almost exclusively now, a  locksmith is likely to come across a scenario requiring a reset tool  on a regular basis. The tool is simple and compact and is the only tool currently available that can reset BOTH the Kwikset and Schlage user resettable cylinders.  

NOTE: The cylinder must be out of the lock and in hand, as shown below, to be able to use the Better Resetter.



To purchase one online click the "Buy Now" button below.  You will have the option of using your PayPal account or a credit card.  The Better Resetter may be purchased for $31.95 each.  Shipping is included within the continental US.


For a video on resetting these locks with The Better Resetter, check out my video on Youtube.

 Better Resetter video on YouTube



For instructions on using the Better Resetter click here.




updated: 7/22/11