A locksmith in Wake County - AdvantageLockAndKey
Project Golf...
When hurrican Katrina hit in 2005, I decided to convert my 2001 Golf into a 50 mpg service vehicle. I wanted a vehicle that could not just unlock cars, but could also produce keys for cars, rekey homes, and install deadbolts. This meant carrying inventory along with a key originator, key duplicator, pinning tray, 800 watt AC power inverter, vice, and overhead light. Getting all this to fit into the trunk of a Volkswagen Golf, was no easy task! Through a combination of drawer slides and careful measurement, I was able to fit 80% of this into the back trunk compartment. The remaining 20% inventory ended up costing me my back seat! I completely removed the backseat and built a chest with three divisions for all of my locks. The end result is an incredibly economical vehicle that is fun to drive. Compared to my bohemith van that gets 11mpg, my Golf is 400% more efficient! In addition to that, it fits into public garages where clearences are generally no more than 7 feet. My van actually got stuck one time, because of this very problem!

So, if you call me, and I show up in this somewhat unusual service vehicle, feel free to take a look at the possible future of the mobile locksmith. (Laugh if you must, but with gas at 3 dollars a gallon you might very well see more Golfs in the future.)